AGE-less but not Tasteless

When you eat in The AGE-less Way, will you have to give up taste? Taste, smell, flavor are all extremely important to our nutrition as well as fulfillment, and they cannot be overlooked.   It cannot be emphasized enough that different cooking habits can be easily acquired, all the while keeping the good taste in your food.  There are countless ways:  using lower temperature, more water, marinating with lemon juice, tomato juice or vinegar, all can decrease AGE generation and add a delicious taste. Cooking over ceramic surfaces in contrast to straight metal can cut down further AGE formation during cooking. And, spices can be used as needed for seasoning. Once you have cleared these toxins from your system, you will find that your taste buds are more sensitive, and natural foods will taste better and be more satisfying. If you then slow down and eat mindfully, you will enjoy these foods even more.

And, remember to keep the correct perspective:  Although The AGE-less Way program focuses on the preparation of food, one should not lose track of the fact that staying healthy is the most important goal in life.  Get enough nutrition, drink plenty of water, exercise, sleep well and avoid smoking (another major source of AGEs).