The AGE-less Way: A New Way to Look at Diet and Health

It is possible that the more the AGEs, the better a food tastes.  But, at a high cost.  So, if you follow The AGE-less Way you will find that you do not need as many AGEs for your food to be delicious.  Even if you consume about half of the usual amount is enough.  And, it is far healthier for you and for your family.

This Program focuses on a few easy principles.  These are certain to work if used and practiced faithfully, whether you eat at home, at the work place or during vacation:

1.    Learn which foods are high in AGEs, so you can avoid them

2.    Learn to choose cooking methods that prevent the formation of new AGEs while you cook

3.    Learn about cooking ingredients and cooking surfaces that slow down or prevent formation of AGEs

The composition and the amounts of nutrients (carbohydrates, fats, or proteins) are the main focus of every dietary guide.  The AGE-less Way however works at the source of the harmful substances in food. It does away only with toxic AGEs, not useful nutrients, by focusing on the way foods, especially meats and animal products, are cooked.

The principal message of The AGE-less Way is straightforward: Application of dry heat to food, as during grilling, broiling, searing or frying, generates a large excess of AGEs. Consequently, methods that use lower heat or lots of moisture (water),  as in stewing, poaching or steaming are preferable.

Note 1: AGEs form at most temperatures, and in most foods, not only red meat.  Many confuse the term “use of heat” with “extreme heat conditions” often applied to grilled meats. This process is known to generate carcinogenic substances in charred meats.  It is not yet certain if AGEs are also carcinogenic.  But don’t be fooled – AGEs are a lot more abundant than just in “charred” meat.

Note 2: many believe if they take anti-oxidants they can make up for all the deficits caused by too many oxidants. Don’t buy this: whatever anti-oxidant capacity is not lost during food heating will be used up by AGEs.  Supplements are not likely to overcome the AGEs unloaded into our body with food.  Why else would so many studies have produced so little excitement?

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