How can you distinguish The AGE-less Way from the raw diet?

In contrast to proponents of a raw diet, we recommend that you cook your food, but in moderation. We simply advise that you decrease the level of heat and the time you allow the food to cook. We also suggest that you avoid dry-cooking conditions, such as broiling or frying.  Unless you are familiar with the origin and the quality of the raw food you wish to consume we do not recommend eating your food raw.

The AGE-less Way embraces a greater variety of foods and much safer choices than does the raw diet.

Is there any difference between The AGE-less Way and the Mediterranean diet?

The Mediterranean diet, which is based on more vegetables, fruits, olive oil and nuts and less meat and saturated fats, is overall similar to The AGE-less Way.

The AGE-less Way, however, can exceed the advantages of a Mediterranean diet. It simply requires that meats and other animal products are prepared under conditions of high humidity and lower heat.  In this way, you can derive all the benefits of a traditional Mediterranean diet, without restricting your choices.

Is there any difference between following The AGE-less Way and being a vegetarian?

Although we favor as many fresh vegetables and fruits as possible, the AGE-less Way does not require that you eliminate foods of animal origin, such as meats, fish or dairy products. It asks that you only change the way you cook the same foods you’ve always eaten.

How do you distinguish The AGE-less Way from the Atkins diet?

The Atkins diet is essentially a low-carbohydrate diet.  The AGE-less Way does not advise carbohydrate restriction unless indicated for specific conditions. Our main goal is to change the way you cook without necessarily changing your overall food consumption or eliminating specific nutrients, which are the great failings of most popular diets.

Although this has yet to be confirmed, adding The AGE-less Way program to any other weight reducing diet is bound to accelerate weight loss and help keep it off, and keep you in better health.