Kidney Diseases

If the “Main Entrance” to the body for toxic AGEs is our mouth, our kidneys are the “Main Exit” – and a major relief! Kidneys are a most important gate to our health, but like any door, it is only relevant as long as it stays open.  A decline in kidney function – a shutting down of the only Exit – causes AGEs to back up in the blood, and set up a chain-reaction: First, the kidneys themselves will get more damaged, then our vessels, heart, metabolism and, from there, all other organs will suffer. This is the reason why now kidney disease – usually silent for many years – is linked to diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and premature aging.

New evidence reveals that excessive food AGE consumption can lead to decreased kidney function. Since the daily intake of AGEs, even with regular meals, is more than the kidneys can handle, it is obvious that they will be maximally stressed when an AGE-rich western diet is routinely consumed.  New evidence links obesity, high body mass index (BMI) and high blood lipids (too much fat in the blood) to kidney disease – and one of these links is the AGE-rich diet.

On the positive side, the latest research evidence demonstrates that The AGE-less Way can make a major difference.  Studies from several animal models, even with a serious genetic propensity to kidney disease, have showed that the AGE-less Way provides protection for the kidneys.  By doing so, it also protects other organs, especially the heart.  It came as no surprise to researchers that the animals in the low AGE diet got to live for a longer time, well beyond their expected life span, while staying healthy.