Alzheimer’s Disease

Every older person worries about losing memory or mental capabilities (dementia).   Here too, the evidence is mounting that AGEs are responsible in part for dementia, with these toxins accumulating in the brain and causing inflammation. AGEs are in fact abundant in brain lesions of persons with Alzheimer’s disease or other dementias.  Recently, persons over the age of 80 with memory loss were found to have much higher levels of AGEs in their blood than peers whose memory was intact.

Since many blood AGEs come from food, it is crucial that we begin to appreciate the importance of becoming aware of what our levels of AGEs are – in our blood as much as in the food we eat. If they are excessive, we owe it to ourselves to lower our consumption of AGEs with our food as soon as possible.  It is never too late!

There is practically nothing in the way of “magic pills” that we can count on in this area. The good news is that The AGE-less Way is not complicated. No need for more tablets or expensive tests.

The AGE-less Way is likely to prove the best way to keep your mind clear and your spirit bright.