Why Food AGEs?

AGEs in food? – The Best Kept Secret!

How did AGES get into our food supply, anyway? AGEs are natural byproducts of basic processes that happen slowly in our body as well as in nature, but occur much faster under dry heat.  AGEs form at all temperatures. Still, the higher the heat and the longer the time food is heated the greater the formation of AGEs.

Heating and drying are used as means of preserving, transporting and extending shelf-life of foods. And, of course, for creating tasty foods!

This has not escaped the food industry’s attention. The result? Hundreds of thousands of new, never-seen-before food products have flooded the markets – just for our pleasure! The secret of their allure – and enormous profitability?  The tasty AGEs! We cannot say “no” to them.

So, AGEs can be addictive!

Is it still surprising that we suffer from obesity and diabetes?