AGEs: A silent threat to your health

AGEs have long been known to cause cardiovascular disease, hypertension, dementia, stroke, and kidney disease, conditions all too frequently seen after prolonged diabetes.  But AGEs are now suspected to cause even diabetes. New evidence also suggests that the toxic effects of AGEs begin long before any sign of disease, when we are still healthy.

Why? When food AGEs are absorbed in small amounts, our protective anti-oxidant systems are able to neutralize their effects. But, there is a limit to their capacity to fight the amounts of AGE toxins we consume every day of our life! Think of it as money savings in the bank.  Like those savings, our body’s savings, our natural defenses will be reduced if spent too fast.  In fact, they are often depleted long before a disease sets in. It is indeed very difficult to fully counteract all the toxic AGEs that we ingest in large excess, whether by eating fruits and salads rich in anti-oxidants or take enough anti-oxidant supplements to.  AGEs are then too costly for us, and they cost us our health!!

Our own level of AGEs depends on our eating habits over time. It used to be believed that the older we get the higher our AGE levels would be. But in recent decades scientists have noted that we have become accustomed to far more pre-fabricated foods, high in AGEs. So, now the levels of AGEs can be too high even in the blood of young healthy persons, something that reflects the many more AGE-rich “tasty” choices and greater amounts of AGE-foods consumed.  No wonder more young people become diabetic now than ever before!

Studies show that high blood AGE levels go hand-in-hand with signs of inflammation, even in “healthy” people, detectable only by special tests, such as CRP (C-reactive protein), TNF-alpha or interleukin 6. All these were known to indicate a tendency toward developing diabetes or heart disease, but not exactly why.  We now know that these diseases can be triggered by food AGEs. Oxidant AGEs are the “irritants” and inflammation is the body’s response to them: a mostly silent response that can threaten our health. This is why high blood AGEs are recognized as risk factors for disease, just like high blood glucose or cholesterol levels.

But There Is Also Good News

On the bright side, this silent threat to our health can be avoided. Several clinical trials show that high blood AGEs, signs of inflammation and abnormal levels of the hormone insulin can become normal again, in just a few months, as long as one adopts an eating pattern that helps lower blood AGEs.

The AGE-less Way is a practical, sensible, do-able life-enhancing program that can help you succeed in achieving a lifetime of healthier living without denying yourself the pleasure of good food. It is the first such program ever described and the only comprehensive system tried and proved effective in a myriad healthy ways.

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